Sunflower Entertainment™ team have solid professional background in managing of various types of artistic production. This includes, but not limited to:

- organizing world-famous international ballet galas;

- producing feature films and documentaries in collaboration with renowned Hollywood screenwriters and directors;

- developing of an unprecedented project: a film school for children ages 7 to 13, which produces short children-oriented movies. Despite the fact that this is a new initiative, some of the movies already won major international film awards on prestigious children’s film festivals in San Francisco, Seattle (USA) and Toronto (Canada). “Exposing children at an early age to the art of story-telling is a phenominal way to encourage creative growth in children. Arts education is a cause too often looked-over today, and it looks as though some of your junior producers are on the right track. Keep encouraging the children in your program to dream.”  – Mike Medavoy,  CEO of Phoenix Pictures.


Team members of Sunflower Entertainment™ produced first ballet galas “Stars of the 21 Century” in Paris`s Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (starting 1998) and all “Stars of the 21 Century” ballet galas in New York, Lincoln Center in years 2000-2008.

In 2010 Sunflower Entertainment™ team created a world class, highest quality ballet gala in Moscow, State Kremlin Palace (occupancy of 6000 seats), called «Kremlin Gala. Ballet Stars of the XXIst century». The team run the first 4 Kremlin Galas (one show in 2010 and 2012, and two shows in 2011), being responsible for production, creative management and general operations. All  4 Moscow ballet shows had a remarkable world success and received most favourable critical reviews.

In 2011, the Sunflower Entertainment™ team organized a tour of outstanding Canadian choreographer Édouard Lock to Moscow, Russia, where he presented his new ballet "The New work of Édouard Lock”.

Many internationally renowned choreographers were invited to 2010-2012 Kremlin Galas as guests of honor. Sunflower Entertainment™ team was proud to host choreographers of such a high caliber as John Neumeier (Germany), Paul Lightfoot and Sol León (The Netherlands)



Here are presented some of the advertising materials for «Kremlin Gala. Ballet Stars of the XXIst century» hosted in Moscow in years 2010-2012. The Kremlin Gala of these years was one of the highlights of cultural life in Russia, attracting both amateur ballet lovers and professional choreographers, dancers and ballet critics. All 4 shows hosted during 2010-2012 were completely sold out.


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